OOMCO Webinar: Understanding the Total Cost of Bunkering
OOMCO Webinar: Understanding the Total Cost of Bunkering

Listen again to the OOMCO team explain how the newly launched Duqm bunker terminal can reduce the total cost of bunkering for ship owners.

Total cost of bunkering is more than the cost per tonne, or the total bill paid for a bunker call. In a turbulent market, where port congestion and disruption to vessel schedules can cause significant delays, the choice of bunkering destination is a complicated consideration. Surprisingly, even the time and cost of diverting to reach your choice of bunkering port is not always factored in.

Furthermore, owners also need to consider other factors, such as pilotage, anchorage and bunker barge availability, or access to essential facilities such as crew change, chandling services or fresh water supply.

Particularly on the major East-West trade routes, cost, convenience, safety, and long-standing relationships can all factor into decision making, and the complexities of minimising voyage costs will vie with the latest bunker prices to influence the choice of port.

This is a significant consideration in a region where some of the largest bunker ports have suffered from congestion and delays. As every ship owner knows, it costs money to have a vessel queuing outside of port. Today, this matters more than ever, with growing pressure for just-in-time operations that save time and money, reduce fuel consumption, and cut carbon emissions.

Towards the end of 2021, OOMCO launched a new bunkering terminal at the Port of Duqm in the Sultanate of Oman, with the arrival of the bunker barge MT Alpha. Located in the immediate vicinity of the international trade route between Asia and Europe, the Port of Duqm also offers all essential port services of a port, without the need for a costly diversion off east-west trade route to access bunkers, ship supplies and other necessities.

To mark the launch of bunkering operations at Duqm, the senior team at OOMCO responsible for the new Duqm bunker terminal, spoke with leading marine fuels expert Adrian Tolson, Director of BLUE Insight, about the factors that vessel operators need to consider when calculating the total cost of their bunkering operations.

The OOMCO team also explain the important role that Duqm can play as a strategic bunkering hub for international shipping in the Arabian Sea, by helping to relieve pressure on the region’s busy shipping lanes and providing a modern bunkering alternative that can potentially save several days trading costs.

If you would like to hear more of the discussion, including contributions from OOMCO executives Ali Ahmed Muqaibal, General Manager for International Retail, and Christophe el Kati, Head of Marine & Bunkers, please click on the link here.