As an embodiment of our slogan “You trust. We care.”, we are working relentlessly to satisfy all your needs and wants with easy and functional services to guarantee your happiness and satisfaction. Thus, we happily introduce “Basma” and NSS fuel cards.



Basma is your “Save as you Spend” card and it’s more than a fuel card. It’s a loyalty card and a multi-use card where it can be used for refueling and shopping at Ahlain stores. Our points scheme is very rewarding: 10 points for every 1 OMR spent.

Basma Subscribers

Where can I find Basma Cards?

All Oman Oil Marketing Service Stations

Where to Redeem my Points?

Fuel & Ahlain

How many points will I get?

10 points for every 1 OMR

How long my points are valid for?

1 Year

National Subsidy System Card

Within the context of the government's interest in taking into consideration the Omani citizen and implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers, the National Subsidy System includes some segments of Omani society in order to mitigate the consequences and effects of the liberalization of fuel prices.

The National Subsidy System (NSS) is aimed at supporting Omani Citizens benefit from the Fuel Subsidy that the Government of Oman provides.

We are proud to be the most preferred NSS partner with more than 50% subscribers share in the Sultanate.

NSS Card Subscribers
Eligibility Criteria:
18 and above
Cars and Boats
Income Group
Not exceeding 950 OMR
Fuel Type
Mogas 91
Monthly Limit
200 Liters
Fuel Price
180 Bzs/Liter

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