As a pioneer in the field of fuel marketing, Oman Oil Marketing aims to attain the largest market share in lubricant sales in the Sultanate and the region. We provide our customers in 10 countries with the highest quality lubricants and continuously develops them to embody the slogan "You Trust. We Care.". The company has a long tradition in marketing and distributing lubricants in the Sultanate and diversifies its brand lubricant products to export to overseas markets

Optimo Lubricants

Passenger Cars

Optimo is a high quality multigrade lubricant for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is formulated from virgin base oils and special chemical additives which provide oxidation stability, and high degree of detergent and dispersant characteristics.

Titanium | Platinum | Diamond | Gold

Maximo Lubricants

Diesel Engine Oils

Maximo is mono grade oil designed for light duty commercial engines. It provides excellent control over engine wear and deposit build-up and protection against rust and corrosion. Maximo is blended from refined base oils, with detergent dispersant, antioxidant and anti-wear additives, which provide good protection against sludge and corrosion

Ultra | Super | Power MG | Power V Plus | Fleetmaster

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Gear Guard

Gear and Transmission

Gear Guard Series is a high-quality gear lubricant blended from solvent-refined mineral base oils and selected chemical additives. Due to its high shear stability they provide excellent protection for gears and can be used over a wide range of temperatures. It also provides protection against foaming of oil, and wear and rusting of gears.

Guard EP | Industrial | Trans Guard | Power Guard

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System Guard

Industrial Oils

System Guard is blended from high quality, chemically-stable solvent refined mineral base oil and incorporated with selective additive system which includes anti-wear and oxidation inhibitors. It provides excellent wear and thermal protection in hydraulic and circulation systems and have good air release properties.

Hydraulic Oils | HVI T | Compress Guard | Heat Transfer | Flushing Oil

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Friction Guard


Friction Guard MP is multipurpose grease covering a wide variety of moderate service applications. It is formulated with a lithium stearate soap base, solvent-refined mineral base oils and with special chemical additives, which provide enhanced oxidation resistance and adhesiveness.

MP | Bearing Friction | Hi-Temp | Transparent

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Marine Lubricants


Marino TCW is ashless two-stroke outboard engine oil formulated to meet the requirements of high-performance two stroke gasoline engines. It is pre-diluted to provide easier mixing with fuel and control spark plug fouling and combustion chamber deposit build-up.

Marino TCW II

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Brake Fluids


Speed Guard DOT-4 quality brake fluid is a superior quality glycol type automotive brake and clutch fluid meeting the specifications of DOT-4 and DOT-3, SAE J1704, ISO 4925 and FMVSS No. 116

Speed Guard DOT-4 | Speed Guard DOT-3

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Coolguard is a pre-diluted radiator coolant developed to meet modern engines requirements operating high temperatures. It is a mono-ethylene Glycol based fluid with anti-rust and anti-corrosion inhibitors.

Coolguard | Coolguard OAT | Antifreeze |

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Motorcycle Engines


Power 4T Plus is mineral based oils meeting the performance level required by motorcycle engines. Power 4T Plus is blended with the most advanced additive package, which enables it to provide proven performance under most severe high torque, high stress conditions

Power 4T Plus | Coolguard OAT | Antifreeze |