Oman Oil Marketing serves a wide range of sectors, individuals and businesses. In order to accommodate the market demand we made sure to be:

what is ULTIMAX?

We are the 1st and only fuel Marketer in Oman selling the highest performance unleaded fuel ULTIMAX with a high octane number of 98. ULTIMAX is highly recommended for sports cars but in general it protects the car engine and improves its performance.

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Other Fuel Types

Mogas 91

A solid choice for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks

Mogas 95

The most recommended fuel type for sedan’s and new cars.


Low Sulfur Diesel For all trucks and minivans

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Fuel Retail Prices - April

Mogas 91
Mogas 91
205 Bzs/Liter
Mogas 95
Mogas 95
216 Bzs/Liter
Ultimax 98
Ultimax 98
297 Bzs/Liter
222 Bzs/Liter