As a leading company, Oman Oil Marketing maintains its credibility towards its customers through the quality of its products and services. It always seeks excellence and upgrading above the level of competition. It also strives to satisfy its customers in various ways by giving them the opportunity to share their views by filling out the forms, knowing all fuel specifications in detail and other facilities that enhance the relationship between Oman Oil Marketing and its customers.

1. Commercial fuel

Oman Oil Marketing’s commercial fuels business is focused on quality and safe supply of bulk petroleum products to all types of government and commercial customers and businesses. Oman Oil Marketing delivers billions of liters of fuel safely and on time to meet customer’s fuel requirements for permanent and temporary project across the Sultanate based on the latest technologies such as “SMART FUELING”.

Throughout its history, Oman Oil Marketing has proved to be a worthy partner and has a long standing record of providing complete package solutions that cater to customers’ requirements with services that deliver added value through:


Visits to new sites to advise and assess safety issues and arrange for approvals from all the respective ministries & the authorities concerned.


Provide civil work drawings and site design layouts of the fuel storage area for the construction of tank foundations.


Provide free of cost final piping work and electricity connections at storage area.


Provide free above ground steel tanks for diesel storage, underground double skinned fiber glass tanks for petrol storage, all related dispensing equipment and meters until end of projects; all on loan basis.


Prompt and safe deliveries with supply assurances.



Commercial Fuel Related Services

Smart fueling order management and tracking Application


Fuel tank tracking service


Distribution of small commercial quantities


Establishment of private mobile gas stations


24/7 business platform via desktops


Electronic Locks Service


Establishment of private fixed gas stations

2. Aviation Fuel

Oman Oil Marketing is a leading company in fuel sector, so it must be a strong player in aviation fuel. Its experience in this field has been enhanced by its long-term marketing partnership with AirBP. Oman Oil Marketing holds now the largest Market share in Muscat Airport thanks to its commitment and quality of its products and services and because it has the most competitive prices in the market.


In terms of products, Oman Oil Marketing offers the best aviation fuels, meeting the highest Quality Standards – DEF STAN 91-91 and ASTM D1655. And it is the sole supplier of AVGAS 100 LL at Muscat Airport. It also Delivers Jet A-1 and Avgas 100LL fuels in drums of 200 litre capacity to all over Oman, and its network of operations extending to Sohar, Salalah (Military) and Khasab Airports.

It should be noted that the operations team in aviation fuel department is young and energetic and has an average experience of over 10 years in aviation fueling industry. And 100% of the Ops & Maintenance team developed from the local talent pool thus Oman Oil Marketing contributing to ICV. The members of this team are also trained to the highest international standards and are subject to continuous training courses and permanent evaluations according to the standards of the competency assessment database for the operations staff of AirBP, the world's highest standards.

Aviation Fuel Related Services

Online Billing system


CSA with AirBP


TSA with AirBP


Technical Services & OEM Associations

3. Marine Fuel

As part of Oman Petroleum's desire to establish its leading position in the field of energy and fuel. Oman Oil Marketing is the only licensed fuel marketer in Al Duqm.

Main fueling Services:

  • Ship to Ship
  • Container to Ship
  • Truck to ship