At Oman Oil Marketing service stations, your vehicle will receive all the best care possible to proceed on your way safely and confidently. Besides fuel, Oman Oil Marketing service stations offer high quality services and products with expert crews to maintain your car and its engine.


Lube Plus Service

In addition to the finest fuels, Oman Oil Marketing service stations offer Lubricant Oil replacement with high quality lubricants so that your engine remains at its best performance. In addition, Lube Plus offers additional services to keep your car fresh. With each visit to our service stations, you will renew your vehicle.

The Lube Plus service includes several options:

Full Service Options
Diamond Service

Visco 5000 engine oil powered (Full service with 10,000 Kms mileage advantage)

Golden Service

Visco 2000 engine oil powered (Full service with Popular BP Visco 2000 engine oil)

Silver Service

Vanellus C3 M/Grade Engine oil powered (Full service for multi fleet - petrol and diesel engine cars)

Corporate Service

Special service package for fleet - (Full service for Corporate, driving school cars & taxis)

Quick Service Options
  • Semi Service Engine oil drain, replacement & filter change (Car wash not included)
  • Engine oil drain & replacement only (Max. 4 Ltrs.)
  • Gear/Differential oil change (Max. 4 Ltrs.)
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid change (Max. 4 Ltrs.) (Prices may vary depending on the service & oil consumed)
Extra Services
  • Engine steam wash
  • Under Chassis wash
  • Radiator coolant flush and fill
  • Spark Plug replacement - various types of fragrance, dashboard polishes etc.