We are always attentive to meet your business needs and objectives by developing innovative fuel management solutions. Open your fleet account today and get an integrated service that provides an end-to-end solution to manage your daily operations and enjoy an enhanced experience.

e-Fill (Fill & Go)

A smart and easy fueling technology for efficient fleet management. This is an innovative system where your vehicle will be fitted with the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Device) based security tag and the e-Fill system does the rest! The nozzle will automatically recognize the fueling preferences you’ve set for your vehicle. Moreover, you don’t even need to wait to pay...

Just Fill and Go!

  • Smarter
  • Secured
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Easier

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How it Works
How it works

You can manage your account online by accessing our web portal at www.oomco.com and have ability to perform the following functionalities with immediate effect:

  • Block or unblock e-Fill tag
  • Online application requests
  • View all transactions of your account on spot and on time
  • Check remaining balance information of all e-Fill tags in your account.
  • Modify product, limit, station, region restrictions for your fleet.
  • Real time information (24/7)
Ejaba Plus

Ejaba in Arabic means ‘Answer’. Ejaba Plus card is Oman Oil Marketing’s answer to better fleet fuel and oil consumption management. Ejaba Plus is a credit based fuel card which is utilized by both Government and Private sectors for a large number of vehicles requiring continuous fuel supplies. Evading the traditional manual manner of fleet fuel management, the card assists in the planning of fuel consumption and for each operating vehicle.

Special Features of Ejaba Plus card
  • Product restriction
  • PIN enabled
  • Purchase limits
  • Vehicle number restrictions
  • Geographical location restriction
  • Daily usage reports
  • Transaction interval
  • Block certain days of the week
  • Block certain hours of the day
  • Odometer recording
  • Odometer validation cross acceptance
  • Enabled E-Invoicing reports through the internet