Oman Oil Marketing Company And Emdaad Petroleum Services Join Efforts To Deliver Best Quality To All Motorists
Oman Oil Marketing Company And Emdaad Petroleum Services Join Efforts To Deliver Best Quality To All Motorists

As part of its mission to provide a delightful experience to its customers, Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) joined efforts with Emdaad Petroleum Services to bring Emdaad’s AutoPower Services & Technical Knowledge to OOMOC’s Optimo Swift Service Centers. This MoU was signed with the presence of the Omani football star Ali Al Habsi, a brand ambassador for the AutoPower brand. This initiative aims at creating a standard oil change system with both a swift service and excellent quality for motorists visiting OOMCO service stations. 

Optimo Swift Service Centers is a network of OOMCO’s flagship branded quick oil change, car wash and tire service centers located in various service stations across the Sultanate. Through OOMCO’s constant development, these centers guarantee care for customers in a timely manner and without any appointment, while maximizing customer satisfaction and providing top notch expertise such as AutoPower.

“At OOMCO service stations, motorists and their vehicles always receive the best possible care to proceed safely and confidently. Besides fuel, our service stations offer high quality services and products with expert crews to maintain their vehicles and engines. Our top priority is to fulfill our customer requirements,” said Ali A. Muqaibal, General Manager of Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Digital at Oman Oil Marketing Company. “The vision of the Optimo Swift Service Center is to become our customers’ first choice for oil change services in the Sultanate; our introducing the AutoPower Expertise is yet another step towards achieving this goal.”

Talal S. AlSubhi, Cofounder and Executive Director at Emdaad Petroleum Services, said, “As a wholly owned Omani company, our vision is to be the preferred supplier of services to the oil and gas industry by deploying intelligent, efficient and environmentally conscious solutions. Through professional and robust leadership, Emdaad’s strong alliance with OOMCO means that our AutoPower Expertise is available to more motorists while ensuring an elevated driving experience.”

This joint agreement is part OOMCO’s commitment to provide more and better services while becoming the most customer-centric marketer both locally and within GCC countries. Building up on its brand that adds value to customer lives, OOMCO aims to create an unparalleled chain of service hubs which provide access to integrated products and services.