Oman Oil Marketing Company signed a five-year contract with Muscat Municipality to supply fuel for its fleet of vehicles using the company’s E-Fill and Ejaba service. The agreement, which was signed by H.E. Eng. Moshin Al Shaikh, Chairman of Muscat Municipality and Oman Oil Marketing Company CEO, utilizes the latest technology to facilitate easier fuel management for customers.

“This new partnership with Muscat Municipality is a testament to what Oman Oil Marketing can offer its commercial customers,” said the CEO. “Our services are efficient, secure and most importantly reliable, and will provide fleets with a seamless fueling experience. The E-Fill and Ejaba apply the latest technologies in fuel management and have a proven track-record in helping customers optimiz costs, risks and enhance fleet operations.”

“We are confident that our facilities will contribute to Muscat Municipality’s operational efficiency and remain steadfast to ensuring that they get the highest standard of service and safety when fueling,” added Kalife.

As part of the agreement, Oman Oil Marketing Company will provide 3 types of fuel to Muscat Municipality fleet including diesel, MOGAS 91 and MOGAS 95. The company will also offer training to Muscat Municipality staff and drivers on the use of the E-fill and Ejaba services.

Utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID) powered tags, E-Fill fueling establishes a direct link between a customer’s head office and the filling station office via non-transferrable tags attached to vehicles. This allows customers to authorize fueling via radio signals sent directly to the pump, keeping them up to speed with all their fueling needs.

Ejaba, Oman Oil Marketing Company’s credit based fuel card helps both government and private sectors manage their fleet’s fueling better with assisting in the planning of fuel consumption across a large number of vehicles. Ejaba cards can be used for all services at Oman Oil filling stations throughout the Sultanate. With features including consumption limits, mileage reading options, online invoicing and usage reports, Ejaba gives companies the freedom and flexibility they need when refueling.