As part of its commitment to provide convenience for members of its community, Oman Oil Marketing Company has signed an MoU agreement with Mwasalat to build enclosed solar powered waiting areas at two bus stops within Muscat. The agreement was signed by Oman Oil Marketing Company CEO and Mwasalat CEO Ahmed bin Ali al Balushi.

The Chief Executive Officer of Oman Oil Marketing Company said, “Derived from our belief in mobility, we are proud to partner with Mwasalat to ensure that everyone on Oman’s roads are safe and comfortable. Through the addition of solar powered bus stops, we will be providing air conditioning to those waiting for buses in the summer heat, helping them stay cool. As leaders in our community, we have a responsibility not only to our customers, but also to the public through our collaborations, we are able to contribute to the experience of those using public transportation.”

Located both in Ghubra, the bus stops will be located across from Al Raffah Hospital and across from the Oman Oil Marketing Company service station after Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The solar panels will power air conditioning as well as additional amenities in each bus stop, through environmentally friendly means.