Oman Oil Marketing Company has renewed its contract with Enhance, a W.J. Towell Group Company, the leading brand distributor and retail provider in Oman. Products, services and offerings will be strategically managed and controlled by Oman Oil Marketing Company while Enhance will handle daily operations of all Ahlain Convenience-Stores across the Sultanate. The partnership continues to ensure smooth operations for all customers and maintain an outstanding performance for the coming years.

The CEO of Oman Oil Marketing Company said, “As a customer-centric organization, we are committed to serving our customers with world-class care. By expanding our reach as well as our presence, we aim at ensuring that our customers receive the best possible experience. Our collaboration with Enhance stems from sharing the same synergies when it comes to excellence in customer care. For the past 20 years already, we have been working closely with them to sustain the service and quality standards in this growing industry. Our Ahlain convenience store presents the ideal shopping experience for on-the-go customers who visit our service station beyond getting the best available fuel and customer experience. Ahlain contributes to making our service stations a real destination and not to fuel only”.

Enhance manages and operates the majority of Ahlain Convenience stores at Oman Oil Marketing Company’s service stations across the Sultanate of Oman. The company will be managing over 100 shops providing around the clock service. These Shops are employing over 76 % Omani Nationals providing the highest standards of quality and service.

Mr. Anil Menon, COO of Enhance, said, “We have been operating in the FMCG business in Oman since 1969. With a deep understanding of the retail market in the Sultanate, Enhance has been working closely with Oman Oil Marketing Company to identify strategic locations, roll-out competitive and creative promotions, as well as evaluate areas for improvement in the business model. We are proud to sign this new agreement with Oman Oil Marketing Company. This further strengthens our Company’s vision of making our customers’ lives better by providing excellent products and services.”

Oman Oil Marketing Company plans to expand its retail stores by opening 8 to 10 Ahlain stores annually. The company prides itself on being a brand firmly set in the Sultanate. Today, it maintains a network of 207 service stations and over 105 Ahlain Convenience Stores located throughout the Sultanate of Oman.”