Building on its continuous success, Oman Oil Marketing Company has made public its organizational road map for the company’s future within the region and internationally. Implementing a forward-thinking strategy, the company is exploring new investments, join ventures, and growing non-fuel revenue while continuing to invest in human capital in order to be part of the top 5 fuel marketers in the GCC by 2025.

CEO of Oman Oil Marketing Company spoke about the company’s transformation. A roadmap to achieve its strategic growth, he highlighted the company’s plans to continuously enhance both customer and shareholder value through expansion and innovation. Diversifying the number of revenue streams while conveniently exceeding customer needs to tap into what they want, Oman Oil Marketing Company’s 2025 plans include a shift to acquire 40% of the local market share, as well as increasing distribution of lubricants and broadening its network of service stations across the Sultanate. Going beyond the pump, Oman Oil Marketing Company is building a brand that provides more than just fuel, it is creating an unparallel chain of service hubs that provide access to integrated offerings including shopping, food products and services.

He added, “We continue to transform the industry with the introduction of innovative products and services across all aspects of the business both locally and internationally. Our focus has always been on our customers and creating solutions dedicated to adding value to their lives in a convenient and delightful manner. We are optimistic that this mission combined with our dedication will propel the company forward and meet our goals.”

Internationally Oman Oil Marketing Company is expanding its service stations beyond the Sultanate’s boarders into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company plans to implement a unique business model that will help build its reputation as the preferred one-stop shop. Its plans also include expanding its line of lubricants within the Kingdom and beyond the region. Additional countries are also being explored for further expansion opportunities. The CEO went on to say, “Our goal is to become the most customer-centric marketer in the GCC while sustainably developing the Company’s presence within the fuel industry.”

In the last two years alone, Oman Oil Marketing Company made significant strides towards achieving its targets, including opening its 200th service station in Oman, and introducing Ultimax, the only 98 octane fuel in the country. The company also added café Amazon and other international brands to its portfolio as well as installed the Sultanate’s first two-sided fuel dispensers at select stations. In addition, its service stations today have adopted ‘e-fill’ and payment app ‘thawani’ to meet the growing demand for digital payments. Moreover, the company have offered new solutions for commercial customers such as, mobile containers and rewarding promotions on lubricants.

Upgrading its service stations to become hubs of convenience, Oman Oil Marketing Company remains committed to exploring new opportunities while achieving sustainable growth for shareholders, customers, and the company as a whole.