Omanoil Ready For Influx Of Tourists During Khareef Salalah
Omanoil Ready For Influx Of Tourists During Khareef Salalah

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) is fully prepared to accommodate the large influx of tourists expected to attend the 2015 Salalah Tourism Festival. In line with its efforts to support the country’s burgeoning tourism sector, omanoil will aim to provide seamless and efficient services to the 1.8 million visitors expected to travel to Salalah this Khareef.

The company’s reserves at all its 17 fueling stations in Dhofar as well as those located in route to and from the southernmost Governorate are being constantly monitored and continuously replenished to avert any possibility of supply shortage. In addition, all ahlain stores have been fully stocked with a wide array of products and goods for the convenience of its shoppers.

Eng. Faisal Al Shanfari, Oman Oil Marketing Company’s General Manager of Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Procurement and Health, Safety, Security and Environment, said: “Our extensive retail network has been fully prepared to meet the challenges posed by the huge volume of tourists. In fact, officials have already recorded a 77.3% rise in the number of visitors to Salalah compared to the same period last year. It was therefore essential for us to develop an approach that would ensure all customers continue to enjoy the quick and convenient experience the omanoil brand is renowned for 24 hours a day.”

He added “As the nation's fuel provider of choice, omanoil is also more than ready to meet the needs of our aviation clients. All our efforts will ensure that we consistently deliver the best customer service, safety, and environmental standards all the while maintaining our commitment to this nation which goes beyond fueling, driving progress for both Oman and omanoil.”

Launched under the slogan ‘Oman: Love and Peace’, this year’s Salalah Tourism Festival is set to be one of the region’s major events. Every year, the festival attracts thousands of families from across the Sultanate and the GCC and this year looking to be the biggest yet with official statistics recording more than 88,405 tourists arriving by land and air to date.