Omanoil launches second edition of ‘I promise’ campaign to promote fitness and wellbeing among staff

In efforts to continue encouraging fitness and wellbeing among its employees, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) has launched its second annual health campaign under the title, ‘I Promise’. Running throughout the month of Ramadhan, the program will include fitness screens and body condition assessments to determine the most suitable exercise regimen for each employee.

“We have always been dedicated to investing in our employees’ health and nurturing their physical and mental wellbeing which will result in improved quality of life,” said Eng. Faisal Al Shanfari, omanoil General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Customer Service, Procurement, HR and HSSE. “A healthier, more motivated workforce results in greater efficiency and productivity which will have a cascading effect on our service and quality standards. Internal programs such as ‘I Promise’ are a reflection of our corporate culture which aims to foster an environment for both personal and professional growth.”

For this year’s ‘I Promise’, omanoil has partnered with Horizon Fitness, Oman’s largest health and fitness club. The Club will offer Body Composition Analysis, RMR Tests and Back Checks which will allow employees to learn about their muscle and body fat balance and the calories they burn while resting as compared to calories burnt while exercising. In addition, a state-of-the-art rehab system will test back muscle strength to develop the correct measures that should be taken while exercising such as posture and balance. The campaign also held workshops on the hazards of smoking to educate staff towards making conscious and informed decisions regarding their health.
The results of the tests will be evaluated to determine current body conditions, after which trained professionals will recommend lifestyles suited to individual fitness requirements for improved health. After a month, participants will be tested once more and the employee who has lost the most weight will receive a reward for their achievement.