Omanoil Gathers Family And Friends For Annual Staff Iftar

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) hosted its annual staff Iftar, where colleagues and families gathered to share the blessings and joys of breaking fast. Commemorating the company’s 10th anniversary, the event highlighted key milestones and celebrated staff for building omanoil into what it is today, a trusted national household name.

omanoil CEO, Eng. Omar bin Ahmed Qatan welcomed guests with a stirring speech on the importance of values such as teamwork, trust and goodwill for future growth. He expressed that the company’s performance continues to grow year-on-year, as evident by the many accomplishments that have been achieved during the last memorable decade. Qatan ended by attributing omanoil’s success to each and every employee’s professionalism and their capacity to work together as a family while strongly exemplifying the company’s philosophy of spirit, integrity and respect.

At the Iftar, staff and their families were entertained with a range of activities and left with a token to remember the evening by. The annual Iftar is one of many examples of how omanoil continues to engage employees at all levels of the business to further foster an encouraging and inspiring environment for them to grow and reach their full potential.