Omanoil Embraces The Holy Month Of Ramadhan

Muscat, July 28th 2012 – Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) embraces the holy month of Ramadhan by advocating employee wellbeing with its 'I Promise' campaign and by encouraging charitable donations through dedicated Dar Al Atta'a stalls at its ahlain convenience stores. The newly launched internal program screens the health of staff while assessing how to best alter diet and lifestyle in an effort to improve quality of life.

"Ramadhan is a month of rejuvenation for the soul and body, yet people tend to over indulge and health is somewhat overlooked. Therefore, we launched the 'I Promise' campaign to encourage healthy eating habits and to learn how to monitor nutritional intake. The program aims to inspire our employees to become healthier versions of themselves," said Eng. Faisal Al Shanfari, omanoil General Manager of Operations, Engineering and HSSE.

He continued, "We believe in fostering a working environment in which our employees can reach their full potential. We hope to create a sense of comfort and trust as they walk through our doors with the belief that their health and safety are our priority."

In association with Esmat Medical Centre, 'I Promise' aims to register employees' blood pressure, blood sugar level and body mass index (BMI). The results are then used to evaluate and recommend a lifestyle suited to the individual's fitness requirements for improved health. After Ramadhan, registrants will be tested once more to compile a comparison report against the initial results, and the healthiest employee will receive a reward for their commitment and dedication.

The company also welcomed the month of Ramadhan by encouraging charitable donations through Dar Al Atta'a stalls at its ahalin stores in Madinat Al Qaboos, Qurum Heights, Al Khuwair 33, Al Ghubrah and Al Mawaleh. omanoil volunteers will be at the stalls from 10am to 2pm, and again from 8pm to 12am.

All proceeds will go towards providing meals and other daily necessities to families, providing school supplies to students and contributing to Eid clothing and Iftar meals. "Ramadhan is not only a time for worship but a time to count our blessings while leading by example in epitomizing the essence of giving back to the community," said Eng. Al Shanfari.

omanoil will continue to engage and empower the community while ensuring the wellbeing of its employees. Innovative programs are formed on the foundation of goodwill, earning the company its reputation as a trusted fuel and lubricants provider in the Sultanate.