Omanoil’s Inspired Contributions Honored By Oman Association For The Disabled On World Handicap Day

Muscat, December 18th 2011

A visionary corporate citizen, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) was honored at an event under the auspices of Her Highness Dr. Mona bint Fahad Al Said on World Handicap Day. The Oman Association for the Disabled awarded omanoil an accolade, received by Public Relations and Events Manager Faisal Al Qalam, for its assiduous social responsibility and inspiring support of the disabled.

"We cannot take credit for inspiring people but should take lead from those with the resolve to continually challenge and conquer everyday tasks we take for granted. The disabled should not be the forgotten quota in the population but are one and the same as those contributing to society," said Nabeel Al Ruwaidhi, General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Business Development and Procurement at omanoil.

It is estimated 64,000 of the Omani population under 16 have some form of disability and in encouraging Oman\'s flourishing progression in supporting those less able, omanoil determinedly and innovatively finds solutions to improve quality of life. Al Ruwaidhi said, "We offer the physical capacity for hopes to transform into confidence with the mobility and freedom donated wheel chairs can provide."

omanoil pioneers social initiatives in the Sultanate through creative collaborations with local organizations and has established a long-standing relationship with the Oman Association for the Disabled. The association has been receiving annual wheel chair donations and establishing various staff volunteerism opportunities that show omanoil\'s polished track record in embodying the philosophy of social integration.