Omanoil Joins Treasure Hunt To Discover Oman’s Unadorned Beauty

Muscat, December 12th 2011

Over 160 adventurers participated in a first-of-its- kind treasure hunt sponsored by Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) as the exclusive fuel provider that envisioned the encouragement of in-bound tourism through the exploration of Oman\'s inspiring and untainted beauty. Inaugurated by His Highness Sayyid Adham bin Turki bin Mahmoud Al-Said, the expedition fittingly entitled "Undiscovered Treasure of Oman" enlivened a classic pastime with a concept that harnesses the great saying, "it\'s not the destination so much as the journey."

"Muscat is a gem within a gem, surrounded by the sapphire Gulf of Oman and Herculean Hajjar Mountains, sights most other city dwellers would have to travel a distance to see. Residents should be relishing in the accessibility of the diverse places that are within reach, which is the very reason behind the creation of a one day experience to honor the places for their natural majesty," said Wisam bin Jaifer Al Said, Corporate Affairs Manager at Oman Oil Marketing Company.

With such fast-paced development strategies the country is implementing, natural treasures may be at risk of being overshadowed by concrete walls and manicured lawns. "We are somewhat world-weary by the beauty hidden behind the infrastructure of the roads and that of our minds so it was an amazing experience to have our eyes opened to see Oman in a manner that we often take for granted," expressed Abdulaziz bin Saud Al Raisi, a staff member that was a part of the two omanoil teams in a 41 team hunt.

As a supplier of the very element that allows for a journey from one place to another, omanoil intimately understands the undertaking of a voyage. The nation\'s progressive path is unique in that although it is metamorphosing, it is keeping true to its national identity which parallels the company\'s route to better augment itself within the framework as an Omani company. "To appreciate where we are going, we need to understand where we came from," said Wisam. "We wish to embolden the appreciation for a country we call home so we can proudly move forward without forgetting our national philosophy."

Beginning at Bareeq Al Shatti, the treasure hunt took contestants along a route of ten checkpoints where clues were given after completion of a task to unravel the mystery of the next location. Organized by Omani event management company Golden Hornet, participants were presented with prepaid basmaCards to fuel their vehicles as they explored Muscat in their quest to win the grand cash prize of 500 Omani Riyals.