Omanoil Fortifies Safety Culture With The Launch Of Hsse Passport For Employees

Muscat, December 25th 2011

Thriving to cement its position as an industry leader with safe practices at the heart of its success, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) is setting another stone in its foundation of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) with the launch of a passport. Distributed to all employees, the passport tracks individual HSSE developments and advancements through a series of training courses.

"All accidents are preventable, that is why they are called accidents. With designed standards in place, we are able to prevent misfortunes and create a safe working environment that empowers employees to perform beyond their duties," said Faisal Al-Shanfari, General Manager of Operations, Engineering and HSSE.

The HSSE passport is an innovative yet stern initiative that documents HSSE training workshops employees must attend as they are essential to the omanoil framework. The programs educate to place one\'s own safety and that of others and the environment within the hands of each and every employee, creating a sense of individual responsibility that follows the company\'s universal culture of safety.

"HSSE is a philosophy we implement holistically as a cultural custom. It is not merely a condition we must comply with but an obligation to keep our people and our nation at its best and safest," said Al-Shanfari. "Beginning with our employees, we hope our values transcend boundaries and infuse through our relations to suppliers, contractors and customers to lead by example and to create a truly holistic HSSE culture in the industry."

A tribute to omanoil\'s polished safety record is the celebrated milestone of 19 years without Loss Time Injury (LTI) at the Mina Al Fahal terminal, and the introduction of an engaging Facebook page, part of omanoil\'s \'BeSafe\' campaign that debuted to further instill the culture of safe practices. omanoil shows strong safety presence on the roads as employees are required to undertake defensive driving classes to deplete accident rates. The company also continuously updates its HSSE policies in a commitment to keep up to par with international best practices and further augment itself in the industry.