omanoil Grants Employees Financial Bonus In Commemoration Of The Sultanate’s 40th National Day

Muscat, November 20th 2010

In response to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s recent royal directives for awarding all Government sector employees added bonuses, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) has decided to grant its entire valued staff body a special financial bonus on the occasion of the Sultanate’s 40th National Day.

Sheikh Salim bin Abdullah Al Rawas, Chairman of Oman Oil Marketing Company stated, “This initiative is in recognition of the unremitting efforts, dedication and perseverance of our valued employees across all business units, which has enabled us to serve the people of Oman and fuel the nation for the past seven years.”

Harnessing the spirit of the Sultanate since its formation in 2003, omanoil continues to play its role as a fabric of Oman’s economic growth through outstanding contributions to the national economy, and as a partner in the prosperity of the national energy infrastructure.

Today, omanoil continues to invest in building human capacity and creating various career opportunities for highly-qualified Omani nationals.