omanoil celebrates 17 years of safe operations at MAF Terminal - 14th Sep 09

Muscat, 14th September 2009

Setting a new milestone in safe operations, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil), the nation’s visionary fuel and lubricants marketing company, recently marked 17 years without Lost Time Injury (LTI) at the Mina Al Fahal (MAF) Terminal, its main operational site. With a relentless focus on the wellbeing of its staff and contractors, this achievement underscores the carefully planned policies and procedures that have spread an overlying culture of safety and the ingrained HSSE awareness that transcends the Company.

As part of its unwavering commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment in all areas of operation, the Company remains steadfast towards identifying, planning and implementing the safest operational practices and overall activities as an integral and critical operational component, making its MAF Terminal operations amongst the safest and most professional in the country.

On the occasion, Faisal Al Shanfari, General Manager of Operations, Engineering and HSSE at omanoil stated, “We are exceptionally proud to mark 17 years of safe operations, as it is a testament to our stringent policies and regulations that have bared fruit and proved to be more than effective to ensure the safety of our staff at all times.”

He went on to say, “Over the years, we have taken a number of effective measures and procedures at omanoil that have raised the industry benchmark and given us an undisputed HSSE reputation. We are committed to leading by example and hope to inspire others to follow suit. We will continue to seek the latest technology and closely follow international HSSE industry trends to always provide our people with a safe and friendly working environment.”

From loading and distributing refined petroleum products to controlling the flow and movement of vehicles on the terminal sight during its 24-hour operations, omanoil has become an industry pioneer through its comprehensive HSSE management system which includes a number of practices such as risk management, road safety and advance safety auditing. The Company received the Best British Petroleum Distributor Award in the Middle East and North Africa upholding the highest HSSE standards in 2008 and continues to exert its influence by constantly reinventing its methods in a number of industry related disciplines. omanoil was also among the first in the Sultanate to purchase a large number of state-of-the-art prime mover trucks from the Swedish car manufacturer SCANIA distributor SATA LLC.