Oman Oil Marketing Company Energizes Customers’ Journey During Khareef
Oman Oil Marketing Company Energizes Customers’ Journey During Khareef

Committed to exceed customers’ expectations with its “More & Better” promise, Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) ramped up its activities for Salalah’s khareef season. With a slew of exciting competitions and enhanced services to accommodate the increased traffic to and around Salalah, the season has also coincided with the company’s 15-year anniversary of “energizing the customer journey”.

The highlight of the company’s efforts was a first-of-its-kind promotion in the Sultanate, where five lucky winners in multiple locations were given 30 seconds of free shopping at the Ahlain c-store. More than 750 people attended the event, which was spread out over six different days and service stations around Salalah.

Additionally, the company has increased its services, dedicating specific on-the-spot cleaners for its service station facilities on the road to, and in, Salalah. It also increased the number fillers at its stations to meet the high seasonal demand and ensure fast and convenient service. Customized for the khareef season, OOMCO erected additional signboards, showing the distance to each service station on the route to Salalah. As the exclusive provider of high-performance fuel in Oman, OOMCO is providing drivers with Ultimax the 98 octane fuel at two of its service stations in Salalah.

“As a customer-centric company, we continuously look at ways to improve our services and engagement. With hundreds of thousands of people traveling to Salalah by road during khareef, our main priority was to make their journey easier and more convenient,” said Mohammed Al Shanfari, Senior Marketing Manager at Oman Oil Marketing Company. “This khareef season was also the perfect opportunity for us to engage with the community and we are glad to have created smiles with our fun-filled competition that attracted a large number of visitors of all ages. It is all part of our longstanding commitment to care beyond the pump.”

Established in 2003, OOMCO currently operates 215 Service Stations and 114 Ahlain Stores across Oman as well as recently entering the Saudi Arabian and Tanzanian markets as part of its global expansion plans. With a commitment to transform the fuel industry by going ‘beyond the pump’, the company is creating an unparalleled chain of service hubs that provide access to integrated offerings including shopping, food products and many services. Making a memorable and energizing customer journey, while raising the bar for standards of care and services, OOMCO is on its way to achieve its goal to become the most customer-centric marketer in the GCC region.