Omanoil Shares Ramadan Spirit With Employees At Annual Iftar

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) welcomed colleagues and their families to its annual Iftar to share the spirit and many blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The event reflects omanoil’s commitment to engaging employees and strengthening bonds for greater unity and growth.

omanoil’s Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Omar Ahmed Salim Qatan, welcomed guests with a speech on the importance of family and community in both personal and professional lives. He said, “They are our foundation for growth and are there to support and encourage us when we fail and applaud us when we succeed. We are a family of our own at omanoil and taking care of our employees is a top priority. Our motto of caring beyond fueling transcends all that we do and a large part of it is empowering and guiding our staff towards greater achievements with respect and integrity.”

“We lead by example in the hopes that our employees extend this care to our stakeholders for sustainable growth. I am in gratitude to their loyalty and invaluable contribution to the company’s many successes and moving forward, we will continue working together as a team and as a family,” said Engr. Qatan.

The Iftar was held at Almouj Golf Club where activities and games entertained guests of all ages. Small tokens were given as gifts to remember the evening by.