Omanoil Named With Second Superbrands Status In Recognition Of Continued Pursuit Of Excellence

Muscat, October 11th 2011

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) has been awarded with the coveted Superbrands title for the second consecutive year by the region’s independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence. The renowned status is awarded to brands that perform above and beyond quantified standards and expectations, delivering value at every stage.

Over the last seven years, omanoil has established a reputable name in the industry for excellence, not only in the innovation of its products but in the manner in which services are delivered. Competing amongst 3,000 regional brands, omanoil represents the quintessential Omani brand with its intimate understanding of local market sensibilities, coupled with best international practice. Today, the company offers memorable customer experiences that boast inherent native hospitality and world-class performance, sharing the same platform on which the world’s best brands are recognized in a powerful testament of market dominance, longevity, goodwill, customer loyalty and market acceptance.

Eng. Omar bin Ahmed Qatan, CEO of omanoil said, “Our corporate identity is not the be all and end all, rather it is omanoil’s unspoken values that are harnessed and embedded into the spirit of the company, molding it with ideals at heart and translated through actions that begin a ripple effect on all stakeholders.”

He added, “We are true to our 100% Omani nationality and provide the Sultanate and its citizens with more than fuel, but a thriving future by establishing strategic alliances with partners who share the vision of a flourishing Oman and working in tandem to create compounding waves of change that lead the nation to greater prosperity.”

In showcasing its traits of full-rounded, quality service, omanoil has introduced an innovative line of products and services including Ejaba and basma cards, Emtiyaz Customer Service Center and the rapidly-expanding one-stop-shop ahlain. omanoil’s initiatives to enhance customer experiences have also led to Oman Observer naming the company as the number one ‘Greatest Brand in Oman’ in the fuel marketing industry.

omanoil's second Superbrands recognition could not have arrived at a more opportune time, with the nation teeming with business and associated activities. Unlike other countries where only 10% of local or regional brands qualified, almost 25% of the total brands that achieved Superbrands status in Oman were local or regional in nature.