Omanoil Holds Training Seminar On Fuel Quality Control & Hsse For Aviation Customers

Muscat, September 27th 2011

Demonstrating its commitment to quality and efficiency in parallel to safety measurements of regulatory requirements, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) hosted a two-day aviation training seminar on quality control and HSSE, in collaboration with long-term partners Air BP, British Petroleum’s specialized aviation division. The refresher course was presented in Muscat to aviation patrons including the Royal Flight, Royal Air Force of Oman and Oman Airport Management Company.

“The training program represents one of many initiatives we have introduced to further promote a vigilant and holistic culture of safety and sustainability,” said Hamad Al Barwani, Aviation Operations Manager. “Not only do we seek excellence within the company, but we establish benchmarks for quality in the industry by aligning our ambitions with that of the customer’s welfare and educating them on the importance and practicality of HSSE.”

The training session with omanoil’s seasoned Aviation Team and Air BP professionals from BP’s Dubai operations, focused on aviation fuel quality control and operations, fixed and mobile equipment testing and maintenance, supply and distribution in addition to risks of human error and emergency preparedness. The partnership between the two companies is one of universal belief in HSSE and the wealth of technical expertise in both regional and global industry practices proved integral to the success of the training program.

The customer-oriented company continues to make strides in sustained levels of excellence, following the principle of creating an intimate understanding of local market sensibilities coupled with best international practice to provide superior customer experiences at the highest international standards. The partnership with Air BP, a reputable presence in the industry, further distinguishes the quality of service and technical expertise of omanoil’s established repute.

omanoil’s Aviation Business refuels more than 11,000 aircrafts each year including His Majesty’s Royal Flight, and has successfully secured a two-year fuel supply contract for Oman Air in 2010 thereby positioning the company as a market leader in aviation fuel supply at Muscat International Airport. omanoil also secured exclusive contracts with a number of leading international carriers such as British Airways and Thai Airways. With aviation fuel demand growing confidently in years to come, the company is poised to become a prominent contender in aviation fuels. The nation’s visionary fuels and lubricants marketing company accounts its successes to unwavering efforts in upholding excellent international service and delivering high quality standards for all government and commercial airlines.