Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment is Accepted Here!

At Oman Oil Marketing we work hard to satisfy our customers needs and wants, thus we have revolutionized the mobile payment process in our service stations to enhance the customers journey to ensure it's delightful, convenient, easy and fast

How it Works?

1. Download Thawani App

Thawani App is available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Link your Vehicle ID

In Thawani App you need to link your vehicle to your account.

3. Check if Thawani is accepted

Look for Thawani sign in the accepted payments poster at the stations.

Accepted Payments
4. Choose to pay by Thawani

The attendant will use your vehicle number and send you a payment request.

5. Accept the payment request

Check your mobile and accept the payment within the first 60 seconds

6. Done!

Once the transaction is successful you can leave and enjoy your day.

About Thawani

Thawani is an innovative startup allowing cashless mobile payment solutions to merchants and individual shoppers and buyers alike, they are first digital platform in Oman, custom-built according to international banking and safety standards to allow all our users easy and secure transactions.

Visit Thawani's website for more information:

Thawani Logo


  1. What is Thawani?
    Thawani is a mobile payment and eWallet mobile application available in the Sultanate of Oman.
  2. Which mobile phones do Thawani support?
    Apple iOS and Android.
  3. How to download Thawani?
    It’s available in the respective app stores: Apple Store and Google Play.
  4. What is the registration process?
    After downloading the app, you’ll be asked to register an active mobile number, then you can add any bank card to your account.
  5. What bank cards are supported in Thawani?
    All cards. Credit and Debit cards (local & International)
  6. I'm having an issue with Thawani, whom shall I contact?
    You can contact Thawani through their website or through the following email address:
  7. Who owns Thawani?
    Thawani is a standalone Omani company and not affiliated with Oman Oil Marketing Company, for more info: