Experience Khareef!


What is the promotion title?

Experience Khareef!
Explore. Click. Upload. Win.

What is the contest?

A photography contest with Khareef 2021 as theme.

What is the objective of the promotion?

Engage our customers and create awareness on the app.

What is the period of the promotion?

Valid from 1st Aug until 07th Sep 2021.

Who and what is the participation eligibility?

(i) Residents and Citizens of Sultanate of Oman.
(ii) Participants should have an Instagram account to take part in this contest.

How do I take part in the contest?

(i) Get inspired from the beauty of Khareef and capture it in your camera or phone.
(ii) Choose your Best shot – Only one photo allowed per entry
(iii) Log into your Instagram account
(iv) Caption the photo with your OOMCO ID No…Example OOMCO ID 123456
(v) Upload the photo in your account using the contest hashtag #OOMCOWORLDPhotoChallenge and tag us omanoil_oomco
(vi) Share your uploaded photo link with your friends and family to like your photo

How are winners chosen?

The winning photos are based on the highest likes received.

What are the prizes?

First prize – Sony A7 III camera
Second prize – Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless
Third prize – GoPro Hero 9 waterproof
Consolation – 10 fuel cards worth 25 rials each

Terms & conditions:

(i) Participation will be thru Instagram Hashtag #OOMCOWORLD#Khareef2021
(ii) Entry without OOMCO ID will be disqualified.
(iii) To get your OOMCO ID, download OOMCO World App and register your details and find your OOMCO ID on the top right side of the app dashboard mentioned as ID.
(iv) One participant, one entry – Submit your Best shot.
(v) This contest is open for all citizens and residents of Sultanate of Oman.
(vi) Disclaimer: Strictly NO Plagiarism– OOMCO will not be responsible for any legal or copyright issues raised against any of the photos during or after the contest. It will be the sole responsibility of the participant to face legal charges and disputes arising from any such claim made thru any claimant during or after the contest.
(vii) Images from current ongoing Khareef season are only allowed, any violation found or reported during or even after the contest, the entry will be disqualified.
(viii) OOMCO will reserve all rights to use these photos in Social Media and other platforms for future communication and advertising purpose in future.
(ix) Winners will be based on the highest likes on their entry.
(x) Participants are allowed to invite their friends and family members to like their photo on the same hashtag.
(xi) Winners will be announced in the second week of September and they will be contacted by OOMCO Customer care to collect the prizes within 3 months of announcement.