Oman Oil Marketing Company in Partnership With Directorate General of Education Governorate Muscat to Provide Special Needs Equipment to Schools
Oman Oil Marketing Company in Partnership With Directorate General of Education Governorate Muscat to Provide Special Needs Equipment to Schools

Helping schools cater to differently-abled students, Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Directorate General of Education Governorate of Muscat to provide specialized equipment to students with special needs, as well as communication training for their families. The agreement was solidified between Khamis Nasser Khamis Al Shuaibi, General Manager of Shared Services at Oman Oil Marketing Company, and, Dr. Ali Humaid Saif Al Jahwari, General Manager at the Directorate General of Education Governorate Muscat, during a signing ceremony held yesterday. The partnership, which will benefit 22 schools across the capital, will bridge communication and learning gaps, ensuring that students’ access to a full education is unimpeded.

“Without access to quality education, progress towards a brighter future would be come to a complete halt. Education provides future generations with the necessary means to uplift themselves, their society, as well as their country. We’re happy to be part of Oman’s efforts towards providing a more inclusive educational experience to children with disabilities, and to be providing the necessary equipment to enrich their education and improve their overall quality of life,” said Khamis Nasser Khamis Al Shuaibi. “This agreement is the latest addition of a variety of partnerships we have with the public sector and a perfect example of our “You Trust, We Care” philosophy, which is about so providing the best for our customers.”

In the spirit of giving back, this initiative supports the inclusion of children with disabilities at school by providing resources and tools for education. Students will receive, where required, smart hearing aid devices, wheelchairs and customized spectacles. This is accompanied by a Communication Training Program for the families of the students, educating them on sign language and methods for bettering communicate with children.

Dr. Ali Humaid Saif Al Jahwari added, “This is a valuable initiative that will contribute significantly to create an appropriate learning environment for students, helping them to achieve their educational goals. Supporting children with special needs is vital to enable them to integrate with their peers and also to bridge the communication and learning gaps that they face; whether at school or at home. The impact of this support shall remain infinite and throughout the children’s lifetime.”

Oman Oil Marketing Company’s rigorous corporate social responsibility programme involves various campaigns and projects that focus on the promotion of In-Country Value and contribute to the well-being of Omani Society. This year alone, the company has signed or reinforced agreements with community-focused organizations including, the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI), Al Raffd Fund, and Environment Society Oman (ESO), among others.