Omanoil Expands Retail Footprint to Provide Convenient Shopping Experiences to All Customers across Sultanate

Continuing its ambitious expansion plan this year, Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) has opened four new ahlain convenience stores in the Governorates of Dhofar, Al Dhakhiliyah and Muscat. Making up a total of 85 ahlain convenience stores, the latest additions to omanoil’s burgeoning network are closing the retail gap to provide consistently excellent shopping experiences to all customers in the Sultanate.
“Our commitment to serving each and every customer with world-class care is reinforced by our expanding reach and presence,” said Hussain bin Jama Al Ishaqi, omanoil General Manager of Retail, Fuel Cards and Regional Offices. “To warrant our practice of providing products of the highest quality with exceptional service across our retail network, we seek partners who share our passion for excellence in customer care.”
ahlain convenience stores in Samayil and Mabella Modern are operated by Enhance while Khimji Ramdas operates the stores located in Dhofar University and Taqa. “Enhance and Khimji Ramdas have continuously upheld our shared quality and service standards in this fast growing segment of the industry, proving to be trusted partners through which our ahlain stores are represented,” said Ishaqi.
omanoil’s drive for customer satisfaction is the backbone to maintaining outstanding business performance and sustained annual growth. By ingraining the concept of a redefined one-stop-shopping experience among staff and partners, a holistic quality management philosophy is exemplified throughout omanoil’s retail network that has been carefully designed to best serve customers.