omanoil signs aviation fuel agreement with Jet Airways - Muscat,Oman - Feburary 2008

Muscat, Oman, February 2008

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil), one of the leading Omani fuel and lubricants marketing companies in the Sultanate, has been awarded a contract to supply jet fuel to India’s largest domestic carrier, Jet Airways, for their entire fleet of aircrafts landing at Muscat International Airport.

Highly acclaimed by the international aviation industry, Jet Airways has been voted India’s best domestic airline and now flies to the most sought after destinations around the world including Muscat.

On the occasion, Saif Al Jasry, omanoil’s General Manager of Aviation and Marine Fuels said, “Our comprehensive supply and logistics network, backed by our partnerships with Air BP offers the ability to provide products and services that meet the requirements of customers like Jet Airways in addition to the technical and engineering expertise needed for such a specialized industry.” He added, “With the general increase in economic activity in the Oman coupled with the nation’s sustained efforts to develop a robust tourism industry, we are confident that we will continue to provide our international expert offering to new airlines landing in the Sultanate.”

Shibedev Banerji, General Manager of Mazoon Travels and the GSA for Jet Airways in Oman expressed, “This the first time Jet Airways operates in Oman with a total of two flights per day to India and we are proud to be associated with a premier Omani fuel company that has profound local knowledge and understanding of the industry. We look forward to growing our operations in the Sultanate with their support.”

omanoil’s aviation expertise is bolstered by the advantages of the international market strength of Air BP, whose long-term marketing partnership further solidifies the Company’s commitment to international safety, regulatory requirements, quality and efficiency. Today, omanoil operates a modern fleet of nine Jet A-1 aircraft refueling vehicles comprising of various articulated tankers and trailer combinations supplying Jet fuel, Aviation gasoline 100 LL and lubricants to all sectors of the aviation industry. omanoil is the sole supplier of Av Gas 100 LL which is used for piston engine aircrafts.